The whitetail are hunted on approximately 60,000+ acres of private leases in Crook County, Wyoming. We feel we have put together large leases of some of the very best whitetail country in the county. We have had most of these leases for over 23 years.

Bow season runs September 1–30. Our bow hunts are the classic tree-stand hunts, using over 150 portable, lock-on type stands. We scout all summer long, locating stand locations for the opening of the season. As the season unfolds, we continue to scout every day to change stand locations as needed. We feel we give the bow hunter an excellent chance at P&Y class bucks.

Over the past 24 years our bow hunters average around 70% success. The shooting opportunity at P&Y class deer is about 90%.

Our 2017 bow season went very well. There were a lot of bucks seen from the stands, and we had 44 hunters who harvested 30 bucks. They were 36 for 44 shooting, with 100% opportunity. This includes 18 misses.

The 2016 bows season was another success. Even with the extremely dry conditions, the hunters were very successful. There was definitely a few inches taken off the average horn growth due to drought. However, with the excellent buck numbers and age, the next couple of years should be excellent. This fall we had 45 whitetail bow hunters and harvested 34 mature bucks for a 75% success rate with 39 for 45 shooting opportunity for a 86% shooting rate (this includes 17 misses). The largest buck taken was a 158 P&Y.

The 2015 bow season was an outstanding season! 44 hunters harvested 34 bucks for a 78% success rate. The hunters were 39 for 44 shooting, for 89%. All hunters had a 100% opportunity. There were 9 misses and 13 crippled. The average buck taken was 124 P&Y and the largest buck taken was a 156 P&Y.

Our rifle season takes place the month of November. Our hunts are guided either 2x1 or 1x1. We use a few different methods of hunting, including closed-in box stands, blinds, still hunting, rattling, and spot and stalk. Over the years our hunters have averaged 90% to 100% success.

The 2017 rifle season was great, with 40 hunters harvesting 39 bucks. Again, they were 100% opportunity. There was quite a lot of shooting, with some missed opportunities on some really good deer. Lots of bucks were seen throughout November, and it is looking good for the 2018 season.

During our 2016 rifle season we had 40 hunters who had 100% shooting opportunity and harvested 38 buck deer. This includes 14 misses and 4 cripples on some outstanding deer. The numbers of deer are high, but the drought did affect the overall horn growth. The largest deer taken was a 155 B&C.

The 2015 rifle season had above-average temperatures but we still had an outstanding season. The hunters saw really great buck numbers. All 41 hunters harvested bucks for a 100% success rate. This includes 10 misses and 5 crippled. A couple of these were on some outstanding deer. The largest buck taken was a 160 B&C. There are some really good deer numbers right now and a lot of older bucks are being seen and made it through the season. We anticipate good hunting the next couple of seasons.

The fee for a license is $398.00. License fees and dates are subject to change according to Wyoming Game and Fish. We assist all our hunters with the license application process.

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