We offer fully guided elk hunts with both bow and rifle. Our hunts are guided 2-x-1, and 1-x-1 hunts can be arranged for an additional fee. These hunts include lodging and meals. We offer elk hunts in four separate areas (45, 34, 116, and 123) as described below.

Areas 45 and 34 are within our Special Use Outfitting permit in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming. This 300 square mile, National Forest permit is known to be the best elk area in the Bighorn Mountains and also one of the top five elk areas in the state. This is a huge area that holds a large population of elk, known for its quality bulls. The same efforts and professionalism that we give to our other highly successful hunts are also offered at this elk hunting camp. This includes highly experienced, successful guides and top-notch equipment and camps. We use horses, 4x4 pickups, and side-by-side ATVs to access the country. 40,000+ acres of this permit lies in the Cloud Peak Wilderness Area where no motorized vehicles are allowed. Non-residents must be accompanied by a licensed guide in wilderness areas in Wyoming.

Area 45, type 1 (any weapon), needs approximately 7 preference points to draw the non-resident elk tag. Area 45, type 9 (archery only), needs approximately 6 points. The bulls in area 45 average from 300-340.

Area 34 consists of around 45,000 acres. Area 34, type 1 (any weapon), will need 1-2 preference points. The bulls in area 34 average 240-290.

Area 116 is a general-license area. This area encompasses the Bear Lodge Mountains where we hunt both private leases and our National Forest permitted areas. Trophy quality bulls in this area are from 280-320, with some larger bulls taken. The success rate in this area with a bow has been approximately 50% harvest and 75% shooting through the years. Success with a rifle has been 75% harvest and around 85% shooting.

Area 123 is a very limited-quota area. We hunt this on an 82,000 acre private lease in Weston County, south of Upton, Wyoming. This area holds exceptional quality bulls ranging from 320-360 class, with some larger. Success with a rife has been 85% harvest with 100% shooting opportunity. This hunt is conducted every other year. It is a very hard to draw area. A few of our hunters buy Commissioner's tags for this area.

Areas 116 and 123 are accessed with 4x4 pickups. Hunting is done on foot along with the use of ATVs and horses. Lodging in these areas is typically hunted from the Smith Lodge.

All areas produce higher quality bulls, but we like to give a client a reasonable expectation and hope they exceed it.

We assist our hunters with all the licensing and preference point applications.

The 2016 season was one of the warmest falls we have ever had. We experienced some tough hunting conditions, however we still had a fairly successful season. Overall, through our four different areas, we took a total of 20 archery elk hunters. These hunters harvested 7 bulls and were 13 for 20 opportunity. The largest bull taken was a 335 P&Y. During the rifle season in our four different areas we took a total of 36 hunters who harvested 22 bulls. We were 26 for 30 shooting opportunity, and the largest bull taken was a 370 class B&C bull.

The 2015 season turned out to be another very warm season. The elk never had an intense rut with little bugling, so they were hard to call consistently. We took 12 archery elk hunters and only harvested 2 bulls. However, they were 7 for 12 opportunities which include 5 misses and 4 crippled. The largest bull taken was a 320 P&Y. During the rifle season, which was again warm, we took 28 hunters and harvested 16 bulls. They were 20 for 28 shooting, for 71%. This includes 6 misses and 3 crippled. The largest bull taken was a 365 B&C.

2014 was excellent at times, but also very tough at times due to spells of unusually warm temperatures. We took 17 archery hunters and harvested 7 bulls. Of the 17 hunters, 13 had opportunities which included 5 misses and 2 cripples. The largest archery bull taken was a 350 P&Y. Our 26 rifle elk hunters harvested 10 bulls. However, opportunity was 18 for 26 which includes 5 misses and 2 crippled. The largest bull taken was a 360+.

2013 was an exceptional elk-hunting season. We took 11 elk archery hunters and harvested 4 bulls. Of the 11 hunters, 8 shot for a 72% shooting opportunity. These 11 hunters also had 6 misses and 2 cripples. The largest bull taken was a 355 P&Y. Our 24 rifle elk hunters harvested 18 mature bulls. This made this season a 75% success rate. 20 of the 24 took shots and had 3 misses. This would be an 83% shooting opportunity. The largest bull taken was a 365 B&C. Average on the bulls taken was around 310 B&C.

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