Mule Deer
We hunt our mule deer in Weston, Campbell, Crook, Johnson, Bighorn, Sheridan, and Fremont counties in Wyoming. We lease over 215,000 acres of private property and large NFS and wilderness permits. These areas hold excellent numbers of trophy-class animals.

Rifle season runs October and November. Our hunts are fully guided five-day hunts, either 2x1 or 1x1. We use pickups, side-by-side UTVs, ATVs, and horses to access country. Some of the private leases are accessed with pickups and side-by-side UTVs. Some of our country is extremely rough. Some of these areas require a lot of hiking and horseback riding. The better a hunter is able to get around physically will help during the hunt. The mule deer are a classic spot-and-stalk hunting.

Over 25 years our success rate has been 80% to 95%. Through the years we have averaged taking 2 to 6 bucks each season grossing over 180 B&C. Our average width on deer is 24 inches and the average score is aound 155 B&C.

The 2018 mule deer season was another very successful season. We hunted 30 mule deer hunters in October. 28 of them harvested mature mule deer bucks. They were 100% opportunity. We took an additional 8 mule deer hunters in November; all 8 were successful. The largest buck taken was a 191 B&C.

Our 2017 mule deer season went very well. Our 32 October hunters harvested 30 bucks, with a 32 for 32 shooting opportunity. The largest bucks taken were right at 180 B&C.

The 2016 mule deer season was quite successful. Our 35 October rifle hunters harvested 28 mature bucks; they were 31 for 35 shooting with a 100% opportunity. The biggest buck taken was a 182 B&C. We also took 10 mule deer in November; 7 of these harvested mature muley bucks.

The license success for the non-resident draw, in the mule deer areas, has been almost 100% successful the past 16 years. The fee for a license is $374.00 or $662.00. License fees and dates are subject to change according to Wyoming Game and Fish. We assist all our hunters with the license application process as well as the preference point purchases.

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