We offer fully guided elk hunts with both rifle and bow. Our hunts are guided 2-x-1, and 1-x-1 hunts can be arranged for an additional fee. All elk hunts include lodging and meals. We offer elk hunts in three separate elk areas. Two of these hunts are offered in general license areas. The other hunt is in a limited-quota area.

All Elk hunts are seven days, which includes five full days of hunting. There is a day into camps/lodge and a day departing from camps/lodge.

We assist and make it easy for our clients to go through the processes of purchasing Elk preference points yearly and the license application processes to obtain an Elk license.

Call or email for more specific details and statistics on each of our three individual hunts.

2021 was another outstanding season for our elk hunters. 21 archery elk hunters harvested 11 bulls; they were 15 for 21 shooting. Our 45 rifle hunters harvested 34 bulls.

The 2020 season was definitely another very successful year. 19 archery hunters harvested 9 bulls. These hunters were 14 for 19 shooting. During September, October, and November we took 47 rifle hunters that harvested 35 Bulls. They were 40 for 47 shooting.

The 2019 season, overall, was an exceptional one. 20 archery elk hunters harvested 11 bulls. They were 17 for 20 shooting. Our 48 elk rifle hunters harvested 37 bulls.

Our 2018 season was very successful. We took 16 elk bow hunters and harvested 6 bulls. However, they were 14 for 16 shooting (100% opportunity). The 30 rifle elk hunters harvested 22 bulls with 100% opportunity and were 25 for 30 shooting.

During the 2017 season our 20 bow hunters harvested 10 bulls; they were 16 for 20 shooting. Our 35 rifle hunters harvested 29 bulls.

Hunt #1 – General License Area Taking 3 Elk Points:
This hunt is a wilderness style hunt. It is a remote camp using horses and mules to access the camp and hunt areas. The ride into camp is approximately two hours from the trailhead to camp. This area holds excellent numbers of resident elk as well as gaining a migratory herd in the later fall season. Success rate with a rifle in this area has been around 90% harvest for many years. Archery hunters in this area have enjoyed a 50% success rate with 75% opportunity. This is a classic wilderness-style elk hunt, hunting mature 5- and 6-point bulls with larger bulls taken. Average bulls taken range from 260-280.

Hunt #1 hunting dates: Archery, September 1-30; Rifle, September 20-Otober 31. Call for specific dates.

Hunt #2 – General License Area Taking 3 Elk Points:
This elk hunt is on private property, Smith Lodge based hunt. This takes place on private property ranches that have been leased for years. The hunting country is accessed by pickups and side-by-side UTV’s. Although this is a less physical hunt, walking is required. These private leases hold good numbers of resident elk. Success rate in this area through the years is around 65% with a rifle and 50% with a bow. This is a private property hunt, hunting mature 5- and 6-point bulls. Larger bulls have been taken from these properties. Average bulls taken 260-280.

Hunt #2 hunting dates: Archery, September 8-12, 15-19, and 22-26; Rifle, October 15-19, 22-26, and late-season Elk hunts available.

Hunt #3 – Limited Quota Area:
This area requires 11 elk preference points to draw. This area is a national forest service and wilderness hunt. However, the wall-tent camp can be accessed by vehicle. Hunting is conducted with horses, mules, and by foot. This is a large, rough, wilderness elk area. Success rate with a rifle has been over 75%. However we have been 100% opportunity through the years. Archery hunters have enjoyed a 50% success rate with around 80% opportunity. This elk area holds tremendous numbers of elk. Being a limited-quota area, our hunters average around a 320 B&C bull with larger bulls taken.

Hunt #3 hunting dates: Archery, September 1-5, 9-13, 17-21, and 25-29; Rifle, October 15-19, 22-26, and October 29-November 2.

Cow Elk Hunts
We offer 3-day Cow elk hunts on both private and national forest leases. These cow elk have a high success rate year to year.

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